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Doing Business with AEA

Aircraft Engine and Accessory Company, Inc.

2275 Crown Road
Dallas, TX 75229-2007
Tel: 972.243.7404 • 800.808.5908
Fax: 972.243.3806

Customer Service

We have the strange notion in our heads that there are people waiting on the parts we work on, people with lives and interests and concerns beyond just getting their part to us and waiting to get it back in better shape than they last saw it. Anytime you call us, you can expect to talk to friendly, seasoned professionals who have been in the industry for 25 years on average.

On-hold Messages

So much sets us apart from other aircraft parts overhaul service providers even our on-hold messages are unique. So many of our clients have requested to be put on hold just to hear the rest of the messages! While we hope you never have to wait to long when you call AEA, please enjoy yourself while you wait. We also invite you to call 1-800-808-5908 and asked to be put on hold--or maybe even talk with one of us, if you like.

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