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"I always recommend AEA. For the past 5 years that I have been using them, they have surpassed my expectations with exceptional service and professionalism. While Mark is usually the person I deal with most, everyone there is always dependable and they all seem to be really quick and helpful. I turn to AEA whenever I need help with new or refurbishing parts."

-- Mike Pennington
Mountain Lifelight | Susanville, California

"Long known for the good service and great quality of work, we first used AEA in back in 1981...and we've used them on various projects ever since. They are well known in the industry for the quality of their work and the service that they provide. Not once have we had to send a part back to them due to poor craftsmanship or an unsatisfactory product. We have found that AEA is made up of outstanding people that seem to accommodate our every need, which is probably why they have achieved such a good name in the industry."

-- Dennis Collins
Midwest Aircraft Services | Newton, Kansas

"I personally have been working with AEA since 1967 and continued using them when I came to Air Salvage in 1974. The quality of service and precision of their work has been outstanding since the day I began using them. They always deliver the product that they promise for a fair price. Over the years, I have worked with most of the team--Smokey, Paul, Bob, Debbie--but everyone at AEA is really nice and willing to take care of our business in a professional, timely manner. We fly a Baron at Air Salvage and AEA is doing the work for our own plane, which in itself is high praise."

-- Lucky Lougue, General Manager

Air Salvage of Dallas | Lancaster, Texas

"In 1976 when RAM Aircraft went into business we immediately began using Aircraft Engine & Accessory for crankshaft reconditioning. Over the years, AEA has consistently met the high standards required by RAM on a timely basis. If a part has an AEA tag, RAM can and will use the part with confidence. A part with any other vendor tag must pass an additional inspection at RAM before we put it in service. AEA has proven to be a top quality vendor for over 30 years."

-- Brian Adamik, President & CEO

RAM Aircraft, LP | Waco, Texas

"AEA offers good service at a high quality for a fair price--what else could we ask for? Although I usually work with Paul or Bob, my staff has found the entire AEA team to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Initially, when we bought our company they had already been doing business with AEA for at least 20 years. We continued that business partnership now for almost 5 years under our company banner, because it is easy to do business with AEA. They are very customer focused. I would highly recommend AEA to anyone that asks…and do!"

-- Steve Langston

Adams Aviation Supply Co, Ltd. | Kent, England

"We have been doing business now with AEA for about five years and I can tell you their service is of the highest standards and quality. In our line of business that is critical. We have not ever had any problems with AEA and I can tell you that their prices are always right. They are a fantastic company to do business with and the business is operated by good people."

-- Mr. Alex Mendes | Alton Air Services | Midrand, South Africa

"We have been in business for 12 years and have been working with AEA for the last 10 years. The work that AEA does for us cannot be done in Australia or New Zealand, and so it is critical to our business to have a resource that we can trust and depend on. AEA meets both of those needs. When we are working with the AEA staff; the quality of work that we receive is second to none. The work ethic at AEA is great …as is their response time. We always recommend AEA, they are good people."

-- Mr. Barry Skilton

Superior Air Parts, Ltd. | Brisbane, Australia

"We’ve been doing business with AEA since we opened the front door of our company in 1980. It’s hard to find good, honest people to work with and that consistently go above and beyond to satisfy our needs as a customer. We’ve found that in AEA and not only will we continue to give them our business, but recommend them to anyone in need of the services they provide. They have an efficient system, great communication throughout the entire process and produce an excellent product. What more can you ask for?"

-- Ken Tunnell

Ly-Con Rebuilding Co. | Visalia, California

"Back in the early 80's we used several different vendors. AEA always stood out. And because of their willingness to go the extra mile, they are the only vendor we use now. What also differentiates them from their competitors is their service, quality of work and the people that work there. We have developed a personal relationship over the years that we respect and trust. Why would we ever think of going anywhere else? We highly recommend AEA."

-- Dennis Wyman

G & N Aircraft, Inc. | Griffith, Indiana

"I have been with Penn Yan since 1978 and we were doing business with AEA for many years before I arrived. Paul, Debbie and Greg are great to work with as well as everyone else at AEA. They would do back flips to ensure that we are satisfied and continuously offer unbelievable and personalized service. They have created a streamlined process and perfected a minimal turn-around time, which makes them our vendor of choice…now and hopefully, for years to come."

-- Tony Conley

Penn Yan Aero Services, Inc. | Penn Yan, New York

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